Earlier this year, I was elected as President of OPEN Global, a network of OPEN chapters worldwide. I agreed to accept the volunteer role, and do my part in taking the organization forward. I am taking the opportunity to write to the OPEN community worldwide and share our vision.

DilawarOPEN is at a critical juncture since its founding 17 years ago. With presence in 11 cities across the U.S., Pakistan and Britain, our reach and brand awareness has steadily increased. And so have expectations from a diverse set of constituents at a time when interest in entrepreneurship is at an unprecedented level. As we enter a new era for OPEN, we will ensure we are equally relevant to this new generation of entrepreneurs, and develop our capacity for supporting entrepreneurs with mentoring, knowledge sharing and networking opportunities – in a sustained and consistent manner. As a coordinating body, OPEN Global would help drive vitality at the chapter level through greater collaboration across the network, inject new energy with the launch of new chapters, and develop a new channel of engagement with the global base of our charter members — senior leaders who are a key asset of our organization.

As we enter a new era for OPEN, we will ensure we are equally relevant to this new generation of entrepreneurs

To tap these leaders for the next phase of OPEN’s growth, OPEN Global is hosting a historic convening of charter members, senior leaders and stakeholders from around the world in August in Northern California. We would be looking to their ideas, energy and networks. Stay tuned for new initiatives to be launched at the August convening and ways in which you can get involved.

Our success as a community is tied to entrepreneurship. OPEN’s continued role in value and opportunity creation in communities around the world would make our platform a force to reckon with in delivering impact.